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3rd Dan

Fatemeh Torabi

Fatemeh started shotokan karate at the age of 9 under Senseis Bahadori, Kojuri and Bahrami at Shiraz-Iran. Her full-time commitment to training led to her participation as lead of student team-kata at the age of 12 where the team medalled in various national competitions. Combination of good academic performance and sports activities made her winning the regional youth award in 2004. Her long-term commitment resulted in being granted an approval to grade to second Dan (Nidan) at the age of 15, which followed by an official renewal at the legal age of 18. Following 9 years of training, in 2009, she graded to third Dan (Sandan) under Sensies Kojuri and Bahrami when she started her official training as coach and referee. Fatemeh carried the same attitude in University years and medalled gold in Student nationals - Women's kata for two consecutive years (2010 & 2011). In 2012, Fatemeh was certified as official C Grade coach by Iran's Karate Federation.

Her Karate journey became more diverse following her move to the UK-Wales in 2012, where she joined the Welsh Bushi Kai karate association and started learning the new style Wado Ryu under Sensies David Jowet and Percy Brown. She enjoyed understanding the minor and major differences between the two styles. The journey carried on and following her move to Cambridgeshire and re-opening post pandemic, she joined the Cambridge University Karate Club (CUKC) where she is really enjoying her return to the root style of shotokan after a few years. Fatemeh's specific passion for Karate made her sessions a joint learning experience with positive energy. In teaching techniques and kata, she specifically focuses on use cases of each technique (Bunkai), she thoroughly enjoys supporting every member of the team to achieve their goals.

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