Club Instructors

The club is instructed and coached by a large number of people, ranging from our 6th Dan chief instructor Richard Poole through to the many student instructors who give up their time freely.

Richard Poole
6th Dan KUGB
CUKC Chief Instructor 2003-present
Kenjiro Hori
5th Dan JKAE
Men's Captain 1989-90, 1999-00
Petre Nicolescu
3rd Dan KUGB
Paul Smith
2nd Dan KUGB
Men's Captain 2008-09
President 2006-07
Francisco Martinez
2nd Dan Shuri-Ryu
Tegwen Ecclestone
3rd Dan KUGB
President 2008-09
Jacus de Beer
2nd Dan SA JKA Karate
Jonny Sinclair-Williams
Men's Captain 2015-16
Vlad Soltuz
Men's Captain 2016-17
Ellen Weaver
Women's Captain 2015-17