The club trains five days a week during term time, and different days focus on different aspects of training. All of the instructors are black-belts. Many of them have considerable experience in teaching, and either represent or have represented Cambridge in competitions. During the vacations periods, outside the University term there is always at least one taught session a week.

The Club's chief instructor is Sensei Richard Poole, 7th Dan KUGB, who is a former Welsh international competitor, an international referee and also president of both the World and European Shotokan Karate-do Associations.

Sensei Richard usually takes the general Sunday sessions intended for all members and the squad sessions on Monday. Squad sessions focus on kumite (sparring) for competitions — if you are interested in attending these sessions please contact one of the captains.

Wednesday sessions are basic sessions involving kihon, kata and kumite. Thursday kata sessions focus mainly on Heian katas in the first half, whilst the second hour will cover more advanced katas and is intended to support higher grades and those who represent Cambridge in competitions. These classes become more competition-orientated around November and February-March time. Friday sparring is informal and relaxed, and is intended to supplement Monday squad training.

IMPORTANT: For insurance reasons you will need a valid KUGB licence in order to train at CUKC. Licences can be obtained from the KUGB website here. You are welcome to hold licences from other associations as well as the KUGB, but such licences alone are not sufficent to train at CUKC.

Training Rota 2019

Notice: We are thinking about using Google Calendar as a replacement for the old format of the training rota. You can click on a session to see details about the instructor and the venue. Send us feedback by emailing us or speak to a committee member directly at a training session.

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Please note that members have to be at least 8th kyu (red belt) before they can enter kata sessions or 7th kyu (yellow belt) for kumite sessions!