KUGB Student National Championships 2016

The KUGB National Student Championships (often just "the Student Nationals") is the first major competition of the academic year and falls in the middle of Michaelmas Term. The competition is open to all KUGB members in full-time education and is held in Chesterfield. National Student Championships 2016


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Competition Report

CUKC Competitors

Philip Rupp, Ellen Weaver, Vlad Soltuz, Jamie Lowenthal

Mara Graziani, Elisabeth Kerr, Teo Heng Xen, Patrick Swain

Match Report

On Saturday 12th November, eight members of CUKC travelled to Chesterfield to compete in the KUGB Student Nationals Championships. With CUKCs successful track record at this particular competition, the competitors started the day keen to carry on this tradition.

The day began with kata eliminations, all four categories represented by CUKC. In the female kyu grade kata, Mara Graziani secured a silver medal with two performances of Heian Nidan, narrowly beaten to gold by 0.2 of a point. Philip Rupp also made it into the male kyu grade finals with a strong performance of Heian Sandan. Philip faced tough competition among 3rd and 1st kyus in the final, but secured third place with a strong performance of Heian Godan.

In female dan grade kata, Lis Kerr performed Jion twice in the eliminations in order to decide a draw. Making it through to finals, Lis's performance of Empi was awarded third place. Defeated in the first round of male dan grade kata eliminations, Heng Xen went on to win gold in the team kata accompanied by Vlad Soltuz and Jamie Lowenthal. The team were sharp and powerful in their winning performance of Empi.

Following great success in the kata competitions, CUKC continued its domination on the mats with six competitors representing the club in all four kumite categories. Light on her feet and sharp with her attacks, Mara Graziani won both of her elimination matches. In the final, it was Mara's sneaky gyaku tsukis that took her straight to gold - a fantastic result for her first adult competition.

In the male kyu grade kumite, Philip Rupp and Patrick Swain both won their elimination fights, making it a CUKC final. Fighting at the same time as the female kyu grade final, the spectating CUKC teammates were spoilt for choice on who to support. In the Men's final, after Patrick received a contact warning, and Philip a jogai, the fight ended a nil-nil tie. Put to the judges' decision, Patrick was awarded no kachi, taking the gold medal.

Captains, Vlad Soltuz and Ellen Weaver represented CUKC in their respective dan grade kumite events. Vlad's first opponent was a no show, meaning that he automatically moved on to the second round. In his first fight Vlad was hit with a jodan punch as he went in for a kuru tsuki, but managed to bring it back with two subsequent gyaku tsukis. In the final round of eliminations Vlad fought long and hard as he faced a member of the KUGB England Squad. The first two minutes ended in a tie. In extra time, the opponents tied again. Finally, the fight was put to judges' decision where, despite Vlad having held his own, his opponent was awarded the match.

In the Female Dan Grade Kumite, Ellen won her eliminations fight with two kuru tsukis. Moving on to the semi final, she then scored with a gyaku tsuki jodan, followed by a gyaku tsuki chudan. In the finals, Ellen scored her first point early in the match with a kizame tsuki. The winning technique came towards the end of the fight. As height worked in her favour, she scored again with a jodan punch. Having placed bronze in the competition last year, Ellen was delighted to come away from the competition with a gold.

The performance at the KUGB Student Nationals was a perfect example of how hard work and determination can pay off. With exceptional performances across the board, CUKC came away with a total of 4 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medallists.

We would like to thank our head instructor, Sensei Richard, for providing indispensable transport, support and coaching during the competition, as well as everyone in the club who helped students prepare for the competition.

More photos and videos will be uploaded to the website soon, so keep you eyes peeled for some fantastic footage of CUKC domination!
Your Captains,

Ellen and Vlad