Art of Movement International Open 2013

Competition Report

On Saturday 13th of April 2013, 5 members of CUKC attended Art of Movement, a kata competition held annually in London and hosted by Karate Shinboku Kai.
Pritesh opened the day for the club in the <3rd Kyu category with a strong rendition of Heian Godan and was unlucky to lose to one of the eventual finalists. Stan and Lucian performed excellently in their 3rd-1st Kyu category, with Stan claiming the bronze and Lucian the silver against talented opposition.
Due to the small size of the 3rd-1st Kyu category, the competitors were invited to join the Dan grade competition. Despite some questionable organization of the rounds by the KSK, which saw CUKC competitors pitted against each other in early rounds and forced to eliminate each other, Quang and Jerome forged through to the semifinals. Both were unfortunate to not make it through to the finals, although Quang provided a silver lining by claiming the bronze medal against Jerome by a 3-2 split judge’s decision in the playoffs.


Lucian – Silver in 3rd – 1st Kyu
Stan – Bronze in 3rd – 1st Kyu
Quang – Bronze in Dan Grade;