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2nd Dan
President 2020-21

Alex Russell

Alex began karate aged 11 back in his home town of Worcester, initially getting reluctantly dragged into the dojo by a friend at the time - that friend gave up within 3 months, and a little over 10 years later Alex is still here and remains ever dedicated to the sport. His background is in the Wadokai style of karate, having competed and trained within that style prior to joining CUKC in 2016. For his first couple of years here, Alex split his time between training with CUKC in term time and his home club in the holidays, competing in both Varsity and BUCS whilst also competing at national and international level within wadokai competition; particularly focussing on kata. Just prior to moving to Cambridge (and CUKC) full time in early 2019, Alex achieved his second dan with JKF Wadokai.
Alex enjoys training all styles of karate and has particularly enjoyed gaining a better understanding of shotokan since joining CUKC and is looking forward to enhancing this in his remaining two years at the University. He is the 2020-21 president of the club and is continually looking for ways to increase access to the sport for those from any background and ability.

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