Club Competition 2022

Each year the club organises an internal competition, with the hoping of getting people who've never competed before to give it a go. CUKC Club Competition 2022

Competition Report

The first competition of the new academic year - the CUKC Club Competition.
The first category of the day was the female kyu grade kata, which saw Ella Kelvin come in first with her great display of Heian Nidan.

Next to take centre stage was the male dan grade kata. This category brought a great demonstration of a variety of different styles of kata, which was great to see. Jack Doust won this category by just 0.1 points over Ewan Chamberlain and Nirmay Jadhav with his phenomenal performance of Neipipoa.

The last of the katas was the female dan grade kata, which again was a great spectacle. This saw Millie Johal winning with her outstanding kata, Papuren, achieving the highest score of the day of 25.1. Rose Zhang came in a very strong second place, achieving a score of 28.4, thus tying with Jack’s kata score.

After the kata came kumite, where Rowan won the female dan grade kumite and Alex came first in the male dan grade kumite, where we saw great fights from all competitors. Callum put up a significant fight against Alex, with a very evenly matched and well fought finals round.

The very deserved winner of the Alvaro Angeriz trophy was Jack Doust, with his great performance in both kata and kumite. Another notable competitor was Nirmay Jadhav, coming third in mens’ dan grade kata and putting up a strong fight in his kumite round.

A massive well done to everyone that took part and a huge thank you to everyone that helped out and made the event possible.