KUGB Shotokan Cup 2017

The KUGB Shotokan is held annually in September and is effectively a second national championships, featuring all the best karateka in the KUGB. It's open to black and brown belts only.

Competition Report

On Saturday 2nd September the Shotokan Cup, which is the individual championship of the KUGB, took place in Chesterfield.

Both CUKC representatives Marcus Ingham and Philip Rupp competed in both Senior mens kata and kumite.

In the individual kumite event Philip gave a great account of himself occupying the centre of the tatami and attacking aggressively with both
tsuki and maewashi geri. Although he was ultimately beaten by his much more senior and more experienced Liverpool based opponent
for the majority of the fight the final result was in doubt.

In the kumite event Marcus was unfortunately overwhelmed by one of the England International Kumite team.

In the kata event Philip performed Bassai dai very well but did not advance further.

Marcus performed brilliantly in the kata event and advanced through both eliminations and semi finals with ease. His performance of Unsu in the final was stunning and gained him a 3rd place bronze medal. The event was won by former WSKA world junior kata champion Jack Sommers.

This was an outstanding performance from both Marcus and Philip.