CUKC vs KUGB Northern Regions 2011

Fighters from CUKC took on both the KUGB Northern Regions Squad and Keio University in a three-way match held at Fenners Gallery on the 12th February.


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Competition Report

Described by one of the spectators as the most vicious thing they had seen in a very long time, the University's karate events of this past week were not to be missed. On Saturday the 12th of February Cambridge's karate audience experienced a breathtaking clash between the Cambridge University Karate Club (CUKC), the Northern Regions and Keio University.

The Northern Regions squad is coached by the ex-World Medallists Matt Price and Nick Heald and has provided several members of the England national squad. Keio University holds the proud title of the world's oldest University karate club and was created by Gichin Funakoshi, widely regarded as the founder of modern day karate.

Saturday's competition was fiercely contested with 40 fights to decide on the day's winner. The day produced some particularly notable performances. Nim Sukumar put his recent boxing training to good use winning his fight against an impressive Keio opponent. Northern Regions' Joe Hart scored a beautiful kick to the head to win his fight outright, showcasing incredible power and agility. The ladies' cup required a rematch between Northern Regions' World silver medallist Ashley Scott and Keio's Anri Kamakura. The final decision went to Northern Regions, who scooped up both the Men's and Women's Cups.


Men's Cup: Northern Regions
Women's Cup: Northern Regions

Overall: Northern Regions