KUGB National Championships 2010

The KUGB National Championships are held annually and feature the most talented karateka in the KUGB. Any CUKC member can compete.

Competition Report

A select team of three travelled up to the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham to lay waste to some of the UK's most feared competitors. In the brightly lit hall, sporting 12 simultaneously active areas, Tegwen Ecclestone, Andrew Routh and Petre Nicolescu represented CUKC in kata and kumite.

First up in the Men's Individual Kata, Andrew Routh performed an inventive interpretation of Heian Nidan but sadly lost out to his more conventional opponent. On an adjacent area, Petre performed a powerful Heian Yondan and was unlucky to go out to a sharp rival. In the Women's Individual Kata Tegwen's strong Heian godan and Heian yondan carried her through the first two rounds before she was outmatched in her third kata of the day.

In the kumite, Andrew came up against a seasoned competitor in his first fight and, despite making several brave attacks, conceded two chudan hits. Tegwen fought hard in her match, her shiny new blackbelt resisting tying, even after a joint effort with one referee tugging each end! At two minutes there was no score and the fight went to extra time, with Tegwen eventually going out, one wazari to none.

It was an excellent day with a very high standard of karate that was inspiring both to watch and compete against.