KUGB Kyu Grades Championships 2011

The KUGB Kyu Grades Championships is held each year in Wales and is open to kyu grades from all KUGB clubs. With thanks to Howard Thom for writing this year's report.

Competition Report

On Sunday 27th March, three of CUKC's kyu grades took part in the KUGB Kyu Grades Championships in Prestatyn in Wales. First up were Nikon Rasumov and Howard Thom in the kata competition. Despite their best efforts (with only a few moves being forgotten by Howard), they were knocked out in the first round.

Then came the individual women's kumite, with Jolanta Pilinkaite fighting for Cambridge. She effortlessly defeated her first few rivals with swift punches and careful movements, but was unfortunately beaten in the finals by the girl who went on to be the winner. She described it as a great experience, and got a bronze medal to show for it. Well done Jolanta!

Nikon Rasumov used his brutal style to dispose of three competitors in the men's kumite, but was beaten in the fourth round. Howard Thom managed to win his first fight but was then surprised to be annihilated by an innocent looking 7th Kyu: it turned out he was a black belt in Taekwondo!

The two men then combined their powers for team-kumite. Despite being one man down, they beat the aggression of their first opponents through superior skill. After this came a fight with a group of hardened 1st and 2nd kyus who, in Nikon's words, looked like they'd just been released from prison. They were easier to spook than they seemed, but managed to beat Team Cambridge by virtue of superior numbers. Overall a fantastic time — hopefully next year there'll be a bigger team of kyu grades from Cambridge to show them who's boss!

Individual Medals

Brice ?
Men's Senior Ippon Kumite
Nikon O'Hara
Men's Senior Kumite
Tiina Pajuste
Women's Senior Kumite
Women's Senior Kata
Jolanta Pilinkaite
Women's Senior Kumite