KUGB Central Regions Championships 2022

The KUGB Central Regions Championships is held annually during the competition-filled Lent Term. The competition is open to all KUGB affiliated clubs in the centre of the country and is held in Chesterfield. KUGB Central Regions 2022


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Competition Report

19th March 2022 saw a small but mighty squad from CUKC head over to Stoke-on-Trent for the KUGB Central Region Championships. Tegwen and Aidan, our two competitors, were both ready and raring to go.

Tegwen started off with individual kata, where her Jiin scored just under the threshold for finals, despite her strong basics singing through. Then followed Aidan’s kumite. He fought valiantly against the eventual gold medallist but was unsuccessful in proceeding to finals, meaning Aidan secured the bronze in kumite.

Among the last eliminations of the day, Tegwen took to the tatami for her kumite. Her first fight was over in the blink of an eye; two wazaris from her on the bounce saw her win in under a minute without being scored on! Her second was similar, where she remained untouchable in the ring and secured her place in the final with her trusty reverse punch. In the final, after suffering a throat injury early in the fight, Tegwen fought on and secured the silver after losing 3-1 at the end of full time.

Congratulations go to Tegwen and Aidan, and thanks to Sensei Richard and Millie for coaching! Many thanks also go to the organisers of the event for allowing the competition to happen (and allowing us to see Tegwen destroy her opponents in eliminations!).

This report is written by Millie Johal (Captain).


Pictured below (left to right):

Aidan Brzakalik (Bronze, Male Dan Grade Kumite Under 21)

Richard Poole

Tegwen Ecclestone (Silver, Female Dan Grade Kumite Over 21)