KUGB Kyu Grades Championships 2016

The KUGB Kyu Grades Championships is held each year in Wales and is open to kyu grades from all KUGB clubs.


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Competition Report

Sunday 13th March saw the conclusion to the most challenging term for CUKC and the fine tradition of bringing home the trophies was continued by CUKC's representatives Michael Jones and Bruno Campos.

Following his successes in the club competition and student championships last term and his achievements in varsity and Central Regions this term, Michael concluded his second term with a worthy 3rd place in the senior men's kumite event.

Following the withdrawal of his first opponent from Aberystwyth (evidently fearful of those renowned mae geris), he beat a very worthy opponent from Manchester University. The match went to an extension and with neither opponent scoring the judges awarded the match to Michael. In the next match Michael soon overcame his opponent, a fellow Northerner from Durham who soon succumbed to a succession of long gyakuzuki chudans from Michael. In his final match Michael battled hard and it was most unfortunate that he delivered a long and very powerful gyakuzuki which landed after yame. The match went to a decision and was awarded to the Leeds fighter.

In the Kata event Michael was unfortunate to meet a very strong opponent in the first round and was defeated.

Our other CUKC representative was Bruno Campos who only started karate at the beginning of last term. Although he had only competed in the CUKC club competition last term, along with Michael he made the pilgrimage to the North Wales coast for the KUGB National Kyu Grades Competition.

In the kata competition he proceeded through the first two rounds with ease until encountering a 1st Kyu from Liverpool. Despite a sterling performance he was beaten by the eventual winner.

In the Ippon kumite section Bruno adopted typical CUKC grading tactics, startling his opponent with a strong (dare I say threatening) announcement of his intention to attack jodan, which indeed he did, the moment his opponent nervously rocked back on his heels. Strangely this appeared to work yet again for the same opponent and Bruno proceeded through subsequent rounds in similar style, advancing to the final, where he encountered an opponent standing over a foot taller from Aberystwyth. Having saved his best until last, Bruno expertly deflected the jodan punch of his attacker and countered atoshi empi to his horizontal opponent. With similarly spirited attacks and defence he won both the match and the title.

So impressed were the referees with the attitude and behaviour of Bruno that he was awarded the male trophy for the best attitude & etiquette throughout the competition.