KUGB Central Regions Championships 2016

The KUGB Central Regions Championships is held annually during the competition-filled Lent Term. The competition is open to all KUGB affiliated clubs in the centre of the country and is held in Chesterfield.


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Competition Report


Scott Ang Yiqiang (President)
Jonathan Sinclair-Williams (Captain)
Paul Smith
Vlad Soltuz
Marcus Ingham
Tegwen Ecclestone
Michael Jones
Lucian Sbircea
Quang Ha
Petre Nicolescu
Ronald Proke

The Central Regions Championships 2016 took place on the 5th of March. The challenge was not only to rise up to the high expectations set by last year's accomplishments, but also to compete in anticipation of the following day's Varsity match. With a good turnout and a solid team, however, this proved to be a fruitful event as the CUKC returned with no less than 2 gold, 3 silver and 5 bronze medals.

The kata events provided no shortage of medals, with some great performances across all the categories. However, the CUKC shone brightest in the Team Kata event, putting up a fantastic performance in the face of a skilful competition and with both teams medalling. Ron, Scott and Jonathan got through the first round with their rendition of Jion, using Enpi in the final and finishing the event with a bronze medal. Marcus, Petre and Quang performed Gojushiho Sho in the qualifying rounds and were able to secure a well-deserved 1st place out of a total of 23 teams with an impressive Unsu.
In individual Menís Kyu Grade Kata, Michael and Lucian both showed excellent performances of Bassai Dai. Michael was unlucky to miss the finals by 0.1 points, but Lucian managed to advance, securing a bronze medal. In the Ladiesí Dan grade category, our only female representative this competition was facing quite a challenge. Nonetheless, with an efficient Nijushi Ho, Tegwen secured her place in the finals, where she proceeded to win her first medal of the day placing 2nd in the event. In the Menís Dan Grade Kata, Jonathan, Quang and Vlad went out in the first round. Despite an excellent performance of Enpi, Scott did not reach the finals, with the same kata chosen by Ron, Marcus and last yearís event winner Jack Somers. The two CUKC members carried on to bring home the bronze (Marcus) and the silver (Ron) medals through strong performances of Unsu and Gojushiho Sho respectively.

The Menís Team Kumite was the opening senior event, with the Cambridge team drawing the short straw and having the first fight. With little time to spare between their arrival and the beginning of the round, Paul, Jonathan and Vlad stepped on the tatami and went off to a wobbly start as the match entered the 4th fight after one win a side. Paulís experience, however, proved invaluable as he was able to secure a quick and much needed win with two waza-ariís. The CUKC team emerged victorious out of the following two rounds, with Michael swapping in for Jonathan and Vlad respectively. The final was fought in the original formation against Solihull. Paul managed to continue his winning streak with two Jodan zuki waza-ariís, despite his opponent initially establishing an early half-point lead. Unfortunately, Vlad and Jonathanís opponents proved to be better prepared, leaving the CUKC with a well fought silver medal.
In Menís Dan Grade Individual Kumite 21 & above, Paul secured his first wins and reached the semi-finals against Solihullís Greg Hegarty. This was a very dynamic fight, with great opportunities and narrow misses from both sides. After a Gyaku zuki waza-ari lead taken by Greg, Paul managed to hit an equalizer Jodan zuki right at the Atoshi Baraku mark. The remaining few seconds were a display of two highly experienced karateka carefully picking their opportunities. Solihull scored a winning hit shortly before the end of the match, however Paul still brought home a strong and well deserved bronze medal.
In the 18-20 age group, Michael, Jonathan and Vlad were the three Cambridge competitors. Michael fought well, but was beaten in his first match. Jonathan and Vlad had the misfortune of meeting in the semi-finals, resulting in a closely fought match from which Jonathan emerged victorious. Vlad earned a rightful bronze medal and Jonathan carried on to convincingly capture the 1st place after a balanced and energetic fight. The Senior Ladies Individual Kumite event brought Tegwen her second medal of the day, earning the bronze medal in her category.

After a long day of competing and cheering for their teammates, the CUKC karateka return to their homes skipping the usual Ďcheeky pintí celebration in order to get a good nightís rest for the following dayís important match.
Well done to all the competitors and many thanks to Sensei Richard for his devotion to the club and invaluable coaching experience!