Club Competition 2013

Each year the club organises an internal competition, with the hoping of getting people who've never competed before to give it a go.


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Competition Report

CUKC’s annual club competition opened with the Dan grade kata category. The quality of kata from all competitors was of a high calibre – but Natsumi’s technically proficient Empi and Scott’s strong and dynamic Bassai Dai (in Shito-Ryu style) stood above the rest; both achieving a total score of 17. Returning to the tatami to break the deadlock in a second round, both Natsumi and Scott performed the same kata, with Scott winning by a deservedly narrow margin of 0.3. The kyu grade kata category followed, with Adrian storming to victory in a series of solid performances, winning all of his rounds by unanimous decision. Special mention must also go to Josh, who despite being only 8th kyu managed to reach the final, defeating two brown-belts along the way.

The kumite categories followed, with Daniel winning the kyu grade ippon kumite. The ensuing male kyu grade jyu kumite category saw some excellent techniques and resolute fighting spirit from all competitors, many of which were competing in freestyle kumite for the first time. Two fights ended in bloodshed, with Sebastian and Prag both sustaining nosebleeds from uncontrolled punches to the face. Sebastian was medically unable to continue, whilst Prag fought on bravely and was unfortunate to lose his fight. The category culminated in a final match between Adrian and Karol – Adrian held the numerical points advantage, but Karol was able to snatch automatic victory seconds from the end by forcing Adrian out of the area for a third time in an aggressive flurry of kicks and punches.

The women’s all-grade jyu kumite was conducted in a round-robin format between the three competitors. Natsumi won her first fight against Tiina by 2-1 wazaris, followed by Tiina’s decisive victory against Amy. Natsumi had only to draw her last match to win the overall category, and managed to do so by scoring an early wazari and hanging on until time for a well-earned victory. The last category, men’s dan grade jyu kumite, was characterized by spirited performances and a series of excellent points. Scott and Herve’s final was especially notable for the controlled aggression and determination of both competitors. Herve eventually prevailed in the shobu sanbon match with two ippons (the first an impressively rapid jodan geri) and one wazari.

At the conclusion of the tournament, three individuals had placed first-and-second in kumite/kata or vice versa; Adrian, Natsumi and Scott. The Alvaro Angeriz trophy for overall best competitor was awarded to Scott due to the larger size and grade-superiority of the categories in which he competed.

Congratulations to all those who took part for one of the best club competitions in recent years.


Dan Grade Kata – Scott Ang
Kyu Grade Kata – Adrian Novac
Kyu Grade Ippon Kumite – Daniel Malz
Kyu Grade Male Jyu Kumite – Karol Fierdorczuk
All-grades Female Jyu Kumite – Natsumi Takizawa
Male Dan Grade Jyu Kumite – Herve Vandekerckhove
Alvaro Angeriz Trophy – Scott Ang