KUGB Shotokan Cup 2012

The KUGB Shotokan is held annually in September and is effectively a second national championships, featuring all the best karateka in the KUGB. It's open to black and brown belts only.

Competition Report

On Saturday 15th September the Shotokan Cup was held in Chesterfield. This is the individual British Championships of the KUGB and is a very challenging event for black and brown belts only.

There were just three competitors from CUKC.

Francisco Martinez who won the Senior Men's individual kumite event last year was on course to defend his title after training hard all summer. To gain a place in the final he removed the opposition in convincing fashion. In the final he fought English team member John McGorian. John caught him early in the match with a spectacular kura zuki jodan which scored ippon and so Francisco finished with a well deserved silver medal.

Petre Nicholescu competed in the Senior Men's individual kata reaching the semi finals with Jion and finishing in fifth place with an impressive performance of Souchin.

Georgia Poole competing in the under 16 years individual kata (not bad for a nine year old) and reached the semi final with her performance of Jion. She finished in 6th place overall.


Senior Mens' Kumite: 2nd
Senior Mens' Kata: 5th
U16 Individual Kata: 6th