KUGB Kyu Grades Championships 2013

The KUGB Kyu Grades Championships is held each year in Wales and is open to kyu grades from all KUGB clubs. Marc Fuzellier (5th kyu), Daniel Malz (4th kyu), Max Negele (7th kyu), and Ben Martineau (5th kyu) competed in kumite and kata competitions in the 2013 Kyu grade nationals held in Prestatyn.

KUGB Kyu Grades Championships 2013


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Competition Report

The CUKC contingent to the 2013 Kyu grade nationals in Prestatyn, Wales, performed admirably this year, taking home four titles. Despite a somewhat rocky journey to the venue, involving Max flying in from Germany, Daniel started the competition in fine form, securing a place in the senior men's ippon kumite final before half the CUKC team had even arrived. Success in the formulaic ippon kumite was quickly matched with even greater success for CUKC in the individual freestyle kumite. Although Ben was swiftly knocked out in the first round, Daniel and Marc claimed victory after victory against talented opposition to set up a Cambridge-only final, Marc performing with particular confidence.

The kumite knockout rounds were followed by kata, where success was not as forthcoming. Ben, Daniel, and Max competed individually with strong performances, but the opposition prevailed with performances of particularly excellent calibre, and no-one made it to the semi-finals. The same trio also competed in the team kata, performing Heian Nidan three times with customary power but somewhat lacking technique, enough to seem them through to the semi-finals but no further.

The final knockout rounds of the day were for men's team kumite, a competition which was not separated by grade and saw experienced third to first kyus competing against grades right up to eighth kyu, making for occasionally very one-sided competition. Ben, Marc, and Daniel performed above par, considering the team's comparative lack of experience, securing victory against higher-ranked opponents in both knockout rounds.

Daniel took the stage for the team's first of many finals in the ippon kumite. Matched against strong opposition, Daniel performed admirably, attacking and counterattacking with speed, precision, and power, as well as performing a crowd-pleasing, although somewhat haphazard juji uke empi, going on to win the gold comfortably.

The next CUKC final was the men's individual kumite, pitching teammate against teammate. Despite the somewhat comical circumstances, the Marc and Daniel put on an entertaining and skilful show, relaxed and confident in the knowledge of two secure Cambridge medals. Marc won the gold after scoring a waza ari and the match timing out.

The final event of the day, the team kumite, was the most tense for the Cambridge side, competing against very experienced opponents. Ben was defeated in his match with a waza ari; Marc won his, also with a waza ari; Daniel, in a long and exhausting fight, lost his match against the individual kumite (third to first kyu) champion, leaving Cambridge 1-2 down to claim the silver medals.


Men's ippon kumite (1st place) : Daniel Malz
Men's individual kumite (1st place) : Marc Fuzellier
Men's individual kumite (2nd place) : Daniel Malz
Men's team kumite (2nd place) : CUKC team (Marc, Daniel, Ben)