KUGB Central Regions Championships 2013

The KUGB Central Regions Championships is held annually during the competition-filled Lent Term. The competition is open to all KUGB affiliated clubs in the centre of the country and is held in Chesterfield.

Competition Report

On the 9th March, a squad of 9 student and non-student members of CUKC woke early in the bitter morning cold and travelled to Chesterfield to compete in the Central Regions championships.

The menís kumite team; Herve Vandekerckhove, Petre Nicolescu and Quang Ha; were fighting on the tatami within minutes of entering the competition hall and breezed through the qualification rounds in classic style. The menís adult kumite then followed, with both Herve and Petre easily making it into the semi-finals in an exhibition of brilliant speed and technique.

Both Jerome Singh (menís captain) and Quang Ha (menís captain-elect) competed in the next event, the 18-20 Dan grade kumite. Quang was unlucky not to make it out of his pool, despite commendable endeavour. Jerome, however, managed to forge through to the finals, defeating an
international competitor along the way.

In the subsequent kata events, CUKC saw excellent effort from all its competitors. Both Leo Otsuki and Lucian Sbircea both reached the finals for the Adult Kyu grade kata, Jerome reached the semi-final of the Dan grade kata, and Petre stormed into the finals of Dan grade kata with two characteristically solid performances of Sochin.

The finals began at 3.15, with Lucian and Leo placing 2nd and 4th in the adult kyu grade kata event respectively, a just reward for their dedication in training. Petre won a silver medal in the adult Dan grade kata with a sharp rendition of Unsu Ė finishing behind only by the current ESKA champion. Petre and Herve both went through their kumite semi-finals, and met on the tatami for the final of the adult Dan grade kumite, with Herve prevailing in a well-fought and technically superb bout. Jerome, fighting with a sprained wrist, initially held his own against his opponent but was struck with a precise jodan geri, settling for a deserved silver medal. The finals culminated with the menís team kumite event; Herve defeated his opponent in literal seconds with an astonishing ippon, before Quang fought courageously, but unfortunately lost against a much more experienced competitor. With the scores evenly balanced, Petre battled his counterpart to a draw to set up a final deciding match between the two teams. Herve stepped forwards as CUKCís chosen competitor, and fought to a tense draw, before claiming victory in extended time to crown CUKC menís team kumite champions for another successive year.

Despite having a smaller contingent than last year, all seven competitors performed admirably, securing a total of 4 golds, 4 silvers and a bronze medal between them. The quality and dedication in the squad was excellent, and should such efforts persist, CUKCís glowing record at the Central Regions will continue for years to come.


Menís Dan Grade Kata: 2nd
Menís Kyu Grade Kata: 2nd, 4th
Menís 18-20 Kumite: 2nd
Menís Dan Grade Over 21 Kumite: 1st, 2nd
Menís Team Kumite: 1st