KUGB Shotokan Cup 2010

The KUGB Shotokan is held annually in September and is effectively a second national championships, featuring all the best karateka in the KUGB. It's open to black and brown belts only.

Competition Report

On Saturday a small contingent from the CUKC headed to the Shotokan Cup in Chesterfield to pit themselves against the KUGB's finest. The competition was fierce and there were some truly remarkable displays of karate prowess on show. However, the team did the club proud and held their own, although unfortunately fell just short of any medals.

In kata, every member of the team fell just short of the final rounds despite some excellent individual performances returning some great scores from the judges.

In kumite the main success fell to captain, Liam Gabb, who reached the quarter finals in the men's junior (18-20yrs) kumite; with some well-timed over-the-top punches to carry him past some tough opposition. He was eventually knocked out by the eventual winner despite fighting hard. Others of the team fell just short of the final rounds, being outdone by some outstanding karate. A notable example was Emma Nunn, who fought in the women's junior (16-20yrs), being just beaten to a gyaku zuki by a very tough opponent.

All in all it was an excellent competition and a real pleasure to watch. Well done to those who competed and I look forward to another year of hard training and competition success.