JKS British Open Championships 2010

Competition Report

A select squad form the CUKC headed over to Nottingham to throw themselves into previously unchartered territory for the club. This was the first time the CUKC has entered the JKS Open Championships in a number of years, and the competition proved to be of a very high standard.

The men's team peformed brilliantly in the individual kata, but were unfortunately unable to secure any medals for the CUKC. In the individual kumite, the team fought well. Francisco Martinez making great headway towards the finals with some excellent gyaku tsukis. Unfortunately injury struck and Francisco had to withdraw from the competition.

The team kumite proved equally frustrating for the CUKC men. A close match against Nottingham was still a draw after three bouts with Michele Mestrinaro having blown away his opponent in a matter of seconds! But an unlucky contact left the CUKC men out of the match and they were unable to secure a medaled position.

The women's team at the JKS competition had their fair share of success. The day opened with the kata category and each karateka performed their kata with true karate spirit. Indeed every move looked as if it was desiged to annihilate an attacker. Gosia Stanislawek managed to battle through the Heian Kata eliminations by winning the last round in what was an incredibly close match with CUKC's Maddy Wood. Gosia reached the point based finals and drew in second place with another competitor. After a repeat of the round with just the two second placed girls Gosia managed to secure a bronze medal.

In the individual kumite category, valiant kizame tsukis and gyaku tsukis, which had been practiced by the team during their warm up, fell upon all CUKC opponents. Keisha Notice fought off tough competition and was the only CUKC girl to enter the final round, winning 4th place.

The first round of the team kumite category saw Tegwen Ecclestone and Gosia defeat both their opponents, so there was no need for another fight in order to secure an advancement to the next round (and gave Keisha a rest after all her previous fights!). The women's team kumite left the tatami with shiny silver medals decorating their gis.

Well done to everyone who competed. A great performance was shown by all and some excellent successes achieved against a very high standard of opposition.

Individual Medals

Keisha Notice
Women's Dan Grade Kumite
Gosia Stanislawek
Women's Dan Grade Kata

Team Medals

Gosia Stanislawek, Keisha Notice, Tegwen Ecclestone
Women's Team Kumite