Karate England National Championships 2009

Competition Report

On Saturday 14th November 4 women and 5 men from Cambridge set out for the Karate England National Championships in Sheffield. It was an all-styles event featuring the crème de la crème of karate in the country. Many of the competitors were of an international class competing for their respective associations' national squads. Needless to say, CUKC competed valiantly. The men's team comprised of Paul, Nim, Francisco, Craig and Kai and the women's team comprised of Steph, Emma, Gosia and Mingwei.

Highlights of the day in kata were strong performances from Craig and Kai in the male open grade shotokan kata, where both kyu grades defied all odds and beat off stiff black belt opposition to achieve 2nd and 3rd respectively. In the women's all styles open grade kata Gosia (shotokan) and Mingwei (shito-ryu) pitted their katas against some strong opponents. In a tactical display Gosia eventually came out victorious securing a well deserved gold medal.

Kumite (fighting) was equally eventful, with CUKC entering three teams for the first time ever into tag-team "rotation" kumite. The fights last six minutes with two people fighting at any one time and the teams are able to switch fighters into the fight at will. This was a spectacle to watch and great fun to take part in. The men's A team comprising Paul, Nim and Francisco were on top at the beginning of their 6 minutes but by some tactictal switches by the opponents fell to a sweep of ippons. The women's team comprising Gosia, Steph and Emma were quick to get to grips with this somewhat bizarre system of fighting to secure 2nd place. In the individual kumite particular note must be given to Emma Nunn, who defeated her opponents in style and with great spirit to take a gold medal in the women's 18-20 years open weight kumite.

Individual Medals

Kai Chai
Men's Shotokan Kata
Stephanie McTighe
Women's Shobu Ippon Kumite
Women's Shobu Sanbon Kumite
Emma Nunn
Women's 19-20yrs Open-weight Kumite
Gosia Stanislawek
Women's All-styles Kata
Craig Woodhead
Men's Shotokan Kata

Team Medals

Gosia Stanislawek, Emma Nunn, Stephanie McTighe
Women's Rotation Team Kumite