KUGB Kyu Grades Championships 2009

The KUGB Kyu Grades Championships is held each year in Wales and is open to kyu grades from all KUGB clubs.

Competition Report

On Sunday an intrepid band of kyu grades headed off to Wales in search of adventure (and the 24th annual KUGB North Wales Kyu Grades competition).

The first event was womens kata where Tegwen Ecclestone put in some solid performances to secure her place in the final. In the final there was never any doubt as she performed a very strong bassai dai to win the event. Jenny Bottomley did a strong kata and was narrowly defeated by two flags to one in the penultimate round.

In mens ippon kumite treasurer Antony Tran got through to the final where he won the silver medal. New president Jonty Fairless was placed third. In mens kata, Martin Worthington, Antony, Ed Boardman and Jonty Fairless performed some good kata, but did not result in any medals.

In womens kumite, Tegwen made it look easy in the rounds with a combination of strong chudan and jodan punches. In the final she took the gold with some very precise techniques. Jenny won a convincing victory in the first round, and narrowly lost to the silver medalist in a close match that went to extra time and had to be decided on judges' decision.

In individual kumite, Jonty and Antony were unlucky not to get through any rounds, but in the team kumite was when they all came alive, with the help of first time fighter, Ed Boardman. In the first round both Jonty and Ed won their fights to get the team into the final four. In the second round, Jonty and Antony both took a knock and received lots of tissues from the medics but bravely fought on to win and draw respectively. Ed then went on for a 1-1 draw to see Cambridge go into the final! In the final Jonty lost 2-1 to an experienced Aberystwyth fighter. Antony and Ed both held their fights to a draw, and Cambridge got the silver medal. All three of them should be commended, Jonty and Antony for carrying on despite injury and Ed for showing such determination in his first match!

Nim and I would like to congratulate everyone who competed on their performances, and particularly for showing good attitude and determination.

Individual Medals

Tegwen Ecclestone
Women's Senior Ippon Kumite
Thibault Flinois
Men's Senior Ippon Kumite
Adam Tun
Men's Senior Kumite

Team Medals

Adam Tun, Chris Andrews, Thibault Flinois
Men's Team Kumite