Cambridge University vs Keio University Friendship Match 2007

In September 2007 ten members of CUKC travelled with our Chief Instructor Richard Poole to Tokyo for a two week tour hosted by Keio University, home to the oldest university karate club in the world (founded by Funakoshi himself). As well as training and competing with many other universities (Hitotsubashi, Housei, Waseda, and Tokyo), eight days in Cambridge fought Keio in a Friendship match. After various displays of kihon, ippon kumite, kata, and wood breaking by members of Keio Junior School, University, and Old Boys, as well as by members of Cambridge, the squad faced their opposite numbers at Keio for one fight each.

Competition Report

Eight days into CUKC's 2007 your of Japan, Cambridge fought Keio in a friendship match. After a variety of displays including kata, kion, and wood breaking, eight squad members fought once each. Captain Ian MacLeod set a great example to the rest of the squad by winning a very close first fight. Adam Tun fought well to hold his black belt opponent to 0-0, and after a very close fight with the scores ending 1-1 Katerina Pateraki won her fight by judge's decision. Simon Picot also won his fight, and a special congratulations to Paul Smith who despite having his nose broken earlier on in the fight, turned the fight around to take a convincing 8-5 victory. Even the chief referee at the match was impressed with Paul's tremendous array of techniques and encouraged the rest of us to fight like him!


Cambridge 4 - 3 Keio