OKA vs CUKC Match 2006

The Old Karateka Association (OKA) Match sees a squad of CUKC alumni square up against the current CUKC elite, competing in both kata and kumite. This year saw the welcome return of the OKA Match, coinciding with the club's 30th anniversary. The OKA team was Steve Mannion, Tom Kompier, Ian Brent, Malcolm Howlett and Kenjiro Hori. The CUKC team was Simon Picot, Konrad Rajab, Donatas Jurkevicius, Paul Smith, Richard Morrisby, Ian MacLeod, Mike Opel and Kai Kohlhoff.

OKA vs CUKC Match 2006


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Kata: OKA 3 - 2 CUKC
Kumite: OKA 2 - 3 CUKC
Kata tie-break (Ken Hori vs Donatas Jurkevicius): Draw
Kumite tie-break (Tom Kompier vs Donatas Jurkevicius): CUKC victory

Overall: CUKC victory