KUGB Kyu Grades Championships 2007

The KUGB Kyu Grades Championships is held each year in Wales and is open to kyu grades from all KUGB clubs.

KUGB Kyu Grades Championships 2007

Competition Report

I am very happy to announce the incredible results of the 22nd Annual North Wales Kyu Grades Championships that took place yesterday in Prestatyn — the mini-bus was so overloaded with medals and trophies that we had to stop twice for fuel on the way back to Cambridge!

To start, Andrew Routh fought hard to earn third place in the Senior Men's Individual Kumite (4th - 7th kyu). Our competitors from Cambridge then went on to dominate the medals stand for Senior Men's Ippon Kumite (4th - 9th kyu) as Andrew Routh and Chris Andrews shared a joint third place, and Geoff Kessel made a very impressive showing and took second place. Steph McTighe performed an outstanding Heian Godan, resulting in a second place finish in the Senior Ladies Individual Kata (all kyu ranks). She then went on to impressively fight her way to the silver medal in Senior Ladies Individual Kumite (7th - 1st kyu). In the combined team events, the story was no different. The Senior Men's Team Kumite (all kyu ranks) team composed of Chris Andrews, Andrew Routh, and Geoff Kessel took third place and the Team Kata (all competitors) team composed of Libby Boyd, Andrew Routh, and Steph McTighe performed a beautiful Heian Godan which earned them second place. Of course, there were many other excellent performances resulting in a great day of competition. Perhaps most importantly, however, despite the stacking wins as well as some tough losses throughout the day, the entire team maintained a positive and respectful attitude representing CUKC with honour and grace.

I would like to congratulate these five competitors on a very successful job-well-done! Their noticeably hard work at training is obviously paying off.